Ilian Mihov

10/11/2019 forceforgood

Ilian Mihov

Best Business School Dean Award


Congratulations, Ilian!

The Force for Good Awards Committee has chosen you the best Business School Dean of 2019.

Your ingenious Robin Hood plot to steal from the Chinese rich to fund your moralizing campaign urging business executives to do good has proven to be successful. Making a deal with a non-existent company which has legal and reputational issues in China is a brilliant part of your ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’.

Congratulations, also on getting rid of anyone who may make too much noise about it.

Best Business School Dean of 2019



Your open-minded approach to welcoming bad news from any source makes you a leader as inspirational as you are pioneering. Your rejection of autocracy and hypocrisy truly makes you a paragon of the virtues INSEAD preaches.

This year is INSEAD’s 60th anniversary, and we hope that INSEAD, under your leadership, will continue to make miracles happen.


With admiration and respect,

Force for Good Awards Committee

November 11th 2019


Force for Good – Case Study 2019/11 [DOWNLOAD]

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  1. Anonymous

    伊利安·米霍夫(Ilian Mihov)这名字音译的不行。

    一脸·迷惑夫(Ilian Mihov)

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