Urs Peyer

Urs Peyer

Best Non-Degree Dean Award


Urs, you are evidently a multi-tasker. Not only have you brilliantly directed INSEAD’s degree programs, but you have also managed to protect INSEAD’s non-degree programs by shutting down any complaints from degree students about the brand damage to their degree caused by INSEAD’s dodgy affiliates.

Your sincerity and innocence inspire all you interact with. Just like a child, your attempts to lie are always transparent.

Your objective and impartial treatment of all matters, your dedication to the truth, your valiant efforts to uphold fairness resemble the world’s greatest champions of justice, like Donald Trump.

As Ilian’s right-hand man, you are responsible for the noblest task of all – removing evidence of the excrement being released from INSEAD’s back-end.

Best Non-Degree Dean of 2019


It is for all of the above that, after an in-depth review and extensive consultation with all stakeholders, the Force for Good Awards Committee has decided that you are 2019’s best non-degree dean.

With sincerest congratulations,

Force for Good Awards Committee

November 11th 2019


Force for Good – Case Study 2019/11 [DOWNLOAD]

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